The Old Classic Clock

Everyone can know the present time with the use of a clock. There are clock-makers in different parts of the world and are continually making new styles and designs of clocks. Many of them established a business putting up shops that offers different clock designs including the usual types. Even since the 16th century, long case clocks known as grandfather clocks were introduced. These are also known as old classic clocks. In America, this type of clock was the first clock created intended for the home.

This old classic clock or antique clock is known as a tall case or a long case. The oldest clocks actually originated from England and America. Regarding the characteristic of these old classic clocks, engraved or etched Roman numerals and decoration can be seen. If there are grandfather clocks, there are also grandmother clocks that are smaller than the former ones. The latter type of clock were very popular in the early 19th century. Aside from long case clocks, there are also shelf clocks.

The shelf clock is a newer design but is still considered as an old classic clock. This type of clock were even more expensive than the former type of clocks after the America War of Independence during the 17th century. An example of this type of clock is The Massachusetts shelf clock. Aside from the different types of clock mentioned, there are also wall clocks. This type of old classic clock was actually based from the long case clock. Observing around, there are a lot of clock these days.