Facts to Know about Clocks and Calendars

In the ancient times, it was not easy for our ancestors to know the exact time of the day. But they used some methods and instruments to measure time in those days. Do you know the earliest instrument or method used to tell time? It was the sundial. Though the exact time that it was invented is not known, the sure thing is that it was used in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Iraq. In addition, it was used even by the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Later on, there were many different types of clock that was invented such as the water clock used by the ancient Egyptians, the candle clock used by the Saxons, the mechanical clocks that was invented in the Middle Ages, pendulum was also introduced in 1657, and clocks with long cases too were made in the late 17th century. Other types of clock were invented and are more accurate in telling time including Grandfather clocks, cuckoo clock, stopwatch, electric clock, quartz crystal clock, and the atomic clock. This is a useful software guys. Open and check this autocad software. This is great site to visit.

There were also watches that were invented such as spiral hairspring, modern pocket watch, electric watch, and quartz crystal watch. With the help of a clock or a watch, we can know the exact time of the day and organize well the activities for the day. Now, how can we know the date today, yesterday, and the next day? It is through the calendar. Ancient people had a special method in telling the day or in measuring the length of time.