Types of Clocks

Now that you have gained some information regarding the history of clocks, let us now tackle about the different types of clocks. The term ‘clock’ originated from the Latin word ‘cloca’ which means “bell”. The clock was invented in order to measure time, especially the exact time of the day. It began to be used since the 14th century. Chronometers were also used in order to know the time and with a higher accuracy than the earliest type of clocks used since the ancient times.

And for personal use, the wristwatch or pocket watch is used. This portable timekeeping instrument can be brought wherever you go. The clock is one of the oldest human inventions. In the old days, sundials, water clock, and the candle clock were used. There is also the mechanical clock that was invented during the Middle Ages. There were many other types of clock that was invented after these early timekeeping instruments. The Analog clock is one of the type of clocks and under this type are the sundials.

The Digital clock is another type. This type of clock displays a numeric representation of time. Then, the auditory clock was invented. It presents the time as sounds. As time changes, it tells what time of the day it is. For example, if the time is 3 pm, you can hear a voice telling the current time. Mechanical clocks, crystal clocks, atomic clocks, Mains power clocks, radio clocks, are the general types. The specific types include alarm clock, balloon clock, cartel clock, flip clock, time ball, and more.